The Zodiac

by Those Darn Gnomes

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Mitchman What's up christian Favorite track: Two Haikus About Flies.
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DJ 3-INCH TOAST Beautiful sounds layered with insane, chaotic and difficult instrumentation that all comes together to create one of the most unique and interesting albums made in years. Thank you for this. Favorite track: Seinfeld.
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guyperson i showed my mom the first track and now i'm seeing a psychologist Favorite track: I Advanced, Masked.
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garbageboypersonal Seinfeld amazing track Favorite track: Seinfeld.
José Luis Jiménez Molina
José Luis Jiménez Molina thumbnail
José Luis Jiménez Molina One of the few experimental bands that try not to musically exert control over chaos... But to embrace chaos itself. And while listening to their music, you'll find its pretty obvious they revel in said embracism. The lo-fi aesthetic of this album works in its benefit and manages to create an atmosphere both abrasive and hypnotic. Favorite track: Gloss.
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I advanced, masked Dry your eyes like nobody did for me Spit deposits, you asked for it I'm a grown woman I guess I invite this So I have to allow this Refuse my hold and tell me no I know you won't I rotate and spin Spit in my mouth and call me daddy Some kind of scarecrow playboy Plump you up, analog dog toy I've been trying Trying to keep it just like before The times we never even thought to speak Got me I'm cold The cold comes in at once And enters into me I am too weak and too stupid It comes at the worst of times, the times it is least welcome When it is in me, nothing and no one can warm me I need to stop the leaks before all the water runs out But sleep is calling my name so seductively that I don't mind Watching everything important go down the drain I have always been a slow learner of painful lessons Just too much Just too much I want to... It's this 1 thing that's got me trippin It's this 1 thing that caught me slippin It's this 1 thing that caught me slippin He still know what it's like The hunt hasn't yet passed him by The memory fades but the promise is forever A twinkle in your eye... Your body is a temple, your body is a rental You stretch your arms and claw my face A twinkle in your eye... Your body is a temple, your body is a rental You stretch your arms and claw my face Maybe... Believe it's this 1 thing you did High heels walking to the car Keys jingling, I see you, I see you Bury your head under the sand The holy ghost of vermin Heart clip Aerosol Shh Figure in the water, semen clotting Figure in the water, semen clotting to paste down her throat Her image deep bescumbered My song goes high like a rifle crack, bang And we don't know each other well So what? I keep thinking to myself Memories just keep ringing bells Hear voices I don't want to understand My car keys are jingling in my hand My high heels are clicking towards your door Maybe I just can't believe it In this 1 thing you did I can't deny, tired of trying I can't deny, tired of trying Open up the door, and just keep on seeing you I'm hoping you can keep my secret Well, Owning a liquor store in these parts is almost godly on my behalf I'm doing so because I provide the blood of life to the patrons of this fair city Now tell me about, uh... I'm going nowhere When the low heavy sky weighs like a lid on the spirit aching for the light And when embracing the horizon it pours on us a black day which is sadder than any night When the earth is turned into a gripping dungeon in which hope like a bat flutters blindly and bruises its timid wings and tender head against the walls and rotted ceilings When the rain stretching down its long streaks of water imitates the bars of an enormous prison And a silent throng of loathsome spiders come and weave their webs inside our brains And suddenly, the bells swing angrily and hurl their hideous uproar into the sky like a band of wandering spirits who wail relentlessly And long hearses without drums or music move in a slow procession through my soul And defeated hope bursts into tears And the fierce tyrant, Anguish, sets his black banner on my bowed head We went into the Hollywood Museum and we learned about how all the makeup there became a thing Even though it came from humble beginnings of grease paint and cake makeup They had the costumes of the stars that made something of themselves Governments from the bottom Because I remember when I came out to prove myself and flap my wings, spread my wings It's a nice suit, cowboy, Polished and shined And shoved deep in The offspring of decay and the night Blood spawned weird sisters Their sire nutless by the uneaten who brought his siblings to light in a sea of vomit Father time begat unwilling an earth mother A maiden and a hag They enter little into this tale The curse of lesions that they're laid with works too well I have leprosy's younger brother growing everywhere A garden state I could do without Thirteen black swords each A noose remnant The pelvis and legs reddened The third the head And a length of spine impaled up his rectum The rocks keep getting larger I welcome the coming rains to dull the marred edges and scarred face of the soil where I dug This that very Mab That plaits the manes of horses in the night In foul hairs, which once untangled, much misfortune bodes; This is the lady loved, when maids lie on their backs, that presses them and learns them first to bear This is she
Nostrils caked in black dried blood No hands in candles No twin No singing Bang bang, way out in the distance No glove, no love Are you there? Are you listening? It casts a shadow over Tennessee Are you there? Are you listening? I'll show you bubble and squeak Bang bang In my dreams, my teeth fall out and I crawl Packing the dirt The wind quits And I put my ear to the ground There's coffee downstairs every morning I'll hide you under cover of tables The flies won't touch you You'll never be tempted Any trembling you get is just dress rehearsal I'll hide you when there's no shelter outside Your cradle is a louse Your bedspread runs ragged with mud and cigarettes Posted high on the atoll Silver mountains and quiet hiccups The sickening, foul moon won't shine pain on your face I'll just flit through the dark like a corpulent eel Your comet falls overhead You've left everything in a train that is pulling away from the station Your teeth are forever falling out of your head Your comet falls overheard It straightens and falls to the earth I bite And I dance And I pray
Flies gather to feast On the semen you left them I can't remember The days are long now Flies born in shit spread new wings It's your turn to sleep
Monolithic The prehistoric maps are buried under miles of sand The land long eroded by hands unrecorded Pounding rhythms on post-consumer polymer bags Tails flap, heads shrink and the fish cheer The golden age packaged for eighty years in the marrow of her bones Under grass Deep in the museum, Tobit's son catches a fish And awaits instructions never to come Buried in the potter's field and awaiting other daughters Disguising mother and child So the students never know Miles above, each day is commemorated by one million parades The hotels and aqueducts stretch into the streets Where thousands mourn the causes they died for And march to placid songs of domestic birds For maille books Voynich will buy Their words mean nothing And the grid is a loss No matter what tube from which light shines, The hand swallows itself Where his work meant something, Exit stage right and wait for Orion Our world is gone from under his coded back Wash and forget I don't know if you remember our wedding Snow in Heaven and animal glue God's books on tape are still in His pocket Thrown down a well: Please tell my wife to get the pictures developed Yell for the doctor as the blizzard bears down On Streeton's folly Florry and me We'll live on only in books He told me he knew as he took off his belt and climbed the stairs A man's man, known for his bravery Manager of the Columbian Order Cooper's Leatherstocking and the Baptist prophet Swing from the ceiling, drunk on the fumes of honest souls Aspiring to be more More than a hunter, who, in a hundred years or more, Will walk the land above our bones And gaze in awe at the rusted carousels and statues Swing from the ceiling, drunk on the fumes of honest souls Aspiring to be more More than a hunter, who, in a hundred years, Will walk the land above our bones And gaze in awe at the rusted carousels and statues in the square We must have been rays from the sun
I don't care if I'm on my own again When there's a white river of love and kneeling Starting them together String them together Read my lips S-T-A-R-T-A-L-O-N-E-E-N-D-A-L-O-N-E Such a tall light Sutures past smirk, yeah, I know You shove that desire in my face I love it Scorch my hand where my fingers Perfectly intertwine with yours You whisper in my ear About how you want to get fucked by a real man While my thoughts became knives through bone As you scream his name Bouncing off the walls Stinging in sync with the changing trees Calm seas don't change color Dry swords don't push ashes A tent full of eggs means hard work Greek roses down winding roads They say hello and they're my saints If I don't... If I didn't laugh The earth is yawning Different trains Have you heard? Bovine tears Naked bells, the mescaline sun Swans' laughs ratlle like teeth in a cage Mice, mice, mice, mice What man wears your face and chair? The snow is getting deeper The snow is getting deeper I know lenders' lips are moving Let me be your best girl Like in a movie Let me be your raft of abuse I hope you brought your camera First you walk up the hill and take your place in line I don't think ever I've seen you around Have a sip How does she hang the clothes climb up on herself? There's a house, and a porch with a table on it No one knows how far this stretches on They stand until they fall down Going back to school It's nice to get out from time to time What if she freezes in mid-air While the apples roll away down the hill? Swaying I put on high heels for the first time In the attic across the field going home I fell asleep underwater and everything made sense Cracked tile melting information Cracked tile melting intervention This town owns me and I'll never leave They bend down and this deal keeps secrets Catch and release, catch and release Better yet, try again and wait another day Limp into the sea Tiyn dot, strip of sand Waves that sigh behind the hand I stand across the singing shore The earth and you are round Chime, the feet dry, The sand clouds collect out at sea This pink shell This gray span Lonely beach, careless wind Faster than a skipped Faster than a skipped beat Table for one Faithless dove Table for one Faceless dove Here the blankets fall like snow on wind From night to night The air scratches From the forest came the wanderer A winged victory for the sullen The bird ends its flight increased in gravel This has no words and I am alone


released November 25, 2016

Those Darn Gnomes are:
Mark Steuer – percussion, voice
Christian Molenaar – banjo, flute, guitar, piano, piccolo, recorder, vibrator
Russell Case – bass, percussion
Bryon Wojciechowski – drums

Additional musicians:
Lucas Broyles – voiced percussion [1]
Dee Dreeszen – dulcimer [1]
Kayla Dubin – violin
Christopher Farthing – violin
Greg Kerr – cello
Mortal Bicycle – bass [1]
Erin Monaghan – clarinet [2], trumpet
Doug Moore – voice [4]
Kim Nakamura – saxophone
Roger Ralphs – voice [1]
Katie Walker – viola, voice [1]

Recorded at Apollo's Crotch.

Praise for this album:

"I can but applaud the insane and forward-thinking experiment, especially on the aspects of composition and musicianship... The avant-garde jazz/mathcore/chamber music ensemble is astonishing and memorable."
-Can This Even Be Called Music?

"You know those times when dimensions collide and overlap, resulting in you getting glimpses of times and spaces that are utterly unfathomable? This is very much how those times sound when distilled in to song."
-Art Failure

"You may remember the arrival of Mr. Bungle’s sophomore album in 1995. It was a bit shocking, this very long, very uncooperative representation of their advance from proggy spaz metal with awesome melodies to antagonistic avant garde. On top of that, Disco Volante is distant and dense, so it took a few listens to make you certain that it is awesome. Here in 2016, Those Darn Gnomes speaks a similar language but way less cryptically. Their new album The Zodiac doesn’t ellude your attention; it is an elephant buttfucking a bus packed with scrap metal. Beautiful. Listen to this at least once."

"It’s maybe safe to say that The Zodiac, the second album from avant-garde/noise artist Those Darn Gnomes, is not an album that will appeal to the mainstream crowd. Best described as an album that is a more ‘acquired’ listen, it is essentially a collective of sounds and noise – yet somehow it works to an extent.

At times, it’s headache-inducing. At other times it will leave you scratching your head about where exactly the track is going. Yet amidst all the chaos, there is a structure to all the madness and a particularly good element of the album is the versatile vocals showcased within the tracks. The yelled and bellowed deliveries slot in very well to The Zodiac‘s general approach and the falsetto-style ones in the end of Seinfield are stunning to say the least.

In all honesty, it’s a little difficult to know exactly what to say about the album due to it being so unique. Those Darn Gnomes are adventurous with their approach – the flute is a particularly interesting element of their sound – but there is also times where you wish there would be just a little bit more melody to give your ears a rest from the noisy assault!"
-Soundscape Magazine

"Those in need of a good mindfuck would do well to feast their ears on The Zodiac. Using noisy and spastic riffs while weaving in distant and creepy jazzy and proggy melodies may be jarring at the start to say the least, but if you give it time, they start to unveil their purpose. It’s by no means an easy listen, with a ton of things going on in the background (a number of stringed instruments and horns for starters), but it’s also an album you won’t soon forget. Only those looking for the eccentric and off-kilter need apply."
-Dead Rhetoric

"Crazy and headache inducing. [...] Still a great record I would say, and one the most challenging albums of this year."
-Metal Storm

"...there's very little I've heard this year that's as insane as this, as well as actually having some decent songwriting behind it, rather than an expected everything-but-the-kitchen-sink approach."

"Another heaping helping of broken-brain."
-Fetal Goat Husk (Best of Bandcamp 2016)

"It's super disorienting, it's very aggressive, it's very brittle and noisy. The recording is, um... [laughs] technical terms, ass. But there's something weird about the way that this was put together like I can kind of hear every single instrument and make out everything that's happening so it's not like it's so blown out to the point where it's unlistenable. ...It's like it's intended to be as nasty and disgusting as it is. ...There's definitely a lot of technical ability to what these guys are doing which definitely shines through..."
-The Needle Drop

"The Zodiac is as beguiling as any dark ambient album yet as compositionally byzantine as any extreme metal record, deftly veering from genius to insanity to sheer ugliness in a way that revered weirdos like Sleepytime Gorilla Museum and UneXpect can only dream."
-Toilet ov Hell


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